What we do

GameBench is a unique tool that monitors how well an Android game or app runs on a particular phone or tablet. We already have thousands of users, ranging from game developers to network operators, device manufacturers, chip companies, product reviewers and mobile enthusiasts -- all of whom are interested in measuring real-world usability, and all of whom have a stake in making Android run better.


Easy and objective ways to test apps, games and devices, with the option to view your results in a private, secure cloud dashboard.

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Globally crowdsourced usability data generated by users of our app, presented as market intelligence reports tailored to suit your needs.

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Lab Testing

We test and rank devices and apps against rival products, based on real-world usability and strict lab conditions.

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Record objective metrics that relate directly to user experience, including frame rate, battery drain rate and temperate, touch events, CPU, GPU, RAM and network usage.

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Visualise your data using our state-of-the-art charting, either inside the app or on our web dashboard for Pro users.

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Use objective, repeatable and independently certified data to prove how well a particular app or device performs. 

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Back in April, we published a comparison of the real-world gaming performance of the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. This was the first cross-platform analysis of its kind, revealing significant differences in the way each phone handled a sample of 10 popular mobile games. However, this report didn’t include the iPhone 6 Plus, which we felt belonged in different commercial category to the two more mainstream rivals.

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Beyond a certain point, increasing the resolution of a smartphone game just doesn't have the same visual impact that it would on a PC or console. On a 24-inch monitor you can really see the difference between 720p (60 pixels per inch), 1080p (90ppi) and 1440p (120ppi). But on a smartphone screen, where even 720p can exceed the 300ppi density of a glossy printed magazine, you need good visual acuity just to be able to be spot further increases, and you need to be even more eagle-eyed for these increases to ... more

Intro and summary

GameBench is very different to other mobile benchmarks, because it is designed to measure the performance of mobile devices running real workloads. These workloads are simply apps — the very same apps and games that ordinary smartphone owners download and run every day.

Most benchmarks used in the mobile industry today are synthetic, which means they test artificial workloads that are never... more



84 percent of all mobile devices run Android. GameBench has already been used to profile 2500 apps running on over 1000 different Android devices. 



Our app works on the 75 percent of Android devices that run Jelly Bean 4.1.2 or higher. Our iOS version is in development will be launched soon. 



We provide 100% real-world data, with no reliance on synthetic workloads that are easily cheated. With GameBench, the app or game is the benchmark.

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