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GameBench is the industry leader for true cross-platform performance profiling and testing for iOS and Android. Providing developers and QA engineers with the ability to quickly check the performance of their games and apps, GameBench also works with major hardware partners such as Samsung, Intel, ARM, and Qualcomm in order to ensure that consumers are getting the real world performance they pay for. Backed by a global crowdtesting network, GameBench is revolutionising the industry with never before seen real world performance data reports.


Easy and objective ways to test apps, games and devices, with the option to view your results in a private, secure cloud dashboard.

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Globally crowdsourced usability data generated by users of our app, presented as market intelligence reports tailored to suit your needs.

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Lab Testing

We test and rank devices and apps against rival products, based on real-world usability and strict lab conditions.

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Record objective metrics that relate directly to user experience, including frame rate, battery drain rate and temperate, touch events, CPU, GPU, RAM and network usage.

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Visualise your data using our state-of-the-art charting, either inside the app or on our web dashboard for Pro users.

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Use objective, repeatable and independently certified data to prove how well a particular app or device performs. 

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We've just completed a thorough round of game testing on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and a number of other iPhones and Android phones. For the first time, we've even tested some Chinese Android phones (i.e., phones intended primarily for the Chinese market), to see how they compare. 

Some of our key findings are presented below, including charts comparing average frame rates for each device as measured across a sample of popular games based on the Unity engine. Frame rate metrics are widely considered to be the best objective proxy for smooth gameplay and hence a... more

When: 11am to 6pm, October 15th

Where: Dolby Theatre, Soho Square, London

What: open(London) is a unique gathering of developers, publishers, chip designers and device makers who share a common goal of improving mobile gaming. Confirmed speakers include people from ARM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Thumbstar, Unity and more.

Check out our event page to learn more and book your tickets, which you can get free if you're an indie dev or TIGA... more

When it was first unveiled, the LG G4 made a great first impression as an all-round smartphone. It came with a nice leather option, a rich and extremely high-resolution “Quantum Display,” plus a sophisticated rear camera that has been much raved about by mobile photography gurus.

But gamers and hardware enthusiasts probably found that their eyes settled on a different characteristic of the G4: its relatively uncommon Snapdragon... more



84 percent of all mobile devices run Android. GameBench has already been used to profile 2500 apps running on over 1000 different Android devices. 



Our app works on the 75 percent of Android devices that run Jelly Bean 4.1.2 or higher. Our iOS version is in development will be launched soon. 



We provide 100% real-world data, with no reliance on synthetic workloads that are easily cheated. With GameBench, the app or game is the benchmark.

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