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GameBench tools enable QA to quickly and easily spot performance issues on iOS & Android, and benchmark against your competitors using the most accurate cross-platform tools.

mobile performance testing tools

Quick and Easy.

Identify performance bottlenecks in minutes with tools anyone can use for testing vital UX KPIs across iOS & Android.

No longer are performance metrics like frame rate, CPU, GPU, Memory or Network usage limited to the development team.

viva la Performance!

gamebench features

Hit your targets

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    user friendly

    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use our tools. Just plug-and-play to start recording performance of any game with no code-changes!

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    Performance trends

    View your performance as it changes over time with our analysis web dashboard. Don't let yourself be caught out by performance regressions!

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    Open API

    We know that you don't want to have to dig through every test manually. So we opened up an API for you to automate your reporting.

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    competitive analysis

    Don't let yourself be limited to just looking at your own performance. Compare against the competition to make sure you end up on top.

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    Enterprise Option

    Worried about security? IT have some crazy-strict access policies? We've got an on-premise solution for you to keep everything in-house!

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    Global support

    With teams in both the UK and USA, we work with a global client base and provide support for any timezone.

our team

Sri Iyer - CEO

Sri Iyer

Karthik H - CTO

Karthik H

Jake Daynes - Head of Developer Relations

Jake Daynes

Head of Developer Relations
Sharif Sakr - Head of Research & Content

Sharif Sakr

Head of Research & Content
Ade Slade - Head of Engineering

Ade Slade

Head of Engineering
Lewis Clark - Sr. Engineer

Lewis Clark

Sr. Engineer
Pericles Karachristos-Boletis - Engineer

Pericles Karachristos-Boletis

Joe Donoghue - Support Engineer

Joe Donoghue

Support Engineer
Ali Kingravi - Engineer

Ali Kingravi

Tom Fang - Engineer

Tom Fang