Webinar | 24 August 2021 at 9 AM PDT / 5 PM GMT

Player-First Performance

Nurturing a “Performant by Design” Dev & QA Culture

From hyper-casual runners to aesthetically rich open-world RPGs and competitive multiplayer shooters, mobile game performance is vital to the player experience. No matter what genre of game you’re crafting, the pressure to put out new features and content can allow minor quality issues to pile up until they’re too difficult and costly to get ahead of.
Player-First Performance

What will it take to ensure player-first performance?

We can adopt a quality by design culture to become performant by design. It can be a challenge to bring this idea to your teams. Veteran game QA and engineers discuss the specific challenges they’ve faced and what they’ve done to overcome them in their journeys toward “Performant by Design.”


Double Loop Games

Matt Huard


Epic Games

Alex Stokes

Publisher QA Manager

Riot Games

Brett Schmidt

QA Manager

Riot Games

Johnny Wu

QA Director

Glu Mobile

Clifton Wilcox

Head of QA


Aaron Wilson

Head of Product