WEBINAR | Originally Aired on Friday, 29 October

Network Affects:

How ISPs & Mobile Network Operators Are Upping Cross-Platform Gamer Engagement

The last 24 months has seen a tremendous increase in gamer engagement across all platforms. Networks, in a rapid and disruptive shift, are becoming the primary playing field of the gaming experience itself. As a result, providers are being pushed to the very sharp end of gamer expectation. ISPs & MNOs worldwide are actively wooing the 2.8B strong gamer base. Join our panel of experts as they expound on how they are driving the future of gamer engagement across regions and networks, through innovations and incentives.
Network Affects:

What Does the Future of Gamer-Target Services Look Like?

Several wireless and network operators, across several developed markets, are already launching gamer-target services – Elite Gamer from Cox Communications, gamer-grade internet from Comcast Xfinity, Gamer Optimizer from Telstra (in Australia), with more to come. This panel will discuss:
  • The strategic vision behind the significant investments required to meet the needs of the growing gaming community;
  • The performance management impacts and implications of these types of offerings; and
  • What it will take to bring it all to life.

Our Expert Panel


Gino Dion

Director of Innovation Solutions


Matthew Wallace

AVP, 5G Product & Marketing

NVIDIA GeForce Now

Shawn Simmons

Director of Business Development


Gunjan Garg

Senior Business Development Manager - Gaming, AR/VR & Education


Chris WIllimanson

Manager, Gaming and Esports


Jonny Robinson