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GameBench Features

Quick & easy performance testing

Find out how well your app or game runs
GameBench tools work with both Android & iOS devices to record real-world performance data such as frames per second, CPU and GPU usage, memory usage, and network usage.

Easy to use web dashboard
Our web dashboard allows you to fully analyse your recorded data, compare sessions in detail, and even export data to CSV.


Monitor power consumption with milliwatt precision

Nobody loves a battery hog
GameBench can monitor the amount of power you're draining, and help you pinpoint what's causing excessive drain.

Keep track of device resource usage
See the benefits of long-term testing with performance regression checks. Spot issues before you release.


See what happened during your tests

Visually correlate on-screen events to performance drops
GameBench tools record once-per-second, timestamped screenshots so you can see what was going on on-screen when you run into performance issues.

Our automation interface ties into your testing framework
Now you can use GameBench to record your automated testing and push the performance data right to your web dashboard. Make your test results more than just pass or fails.

Compare and analyse sessions

Use our Markers feature for in-depth comparison
With Markers you can define sections of your app or game, and then compare these sections across multiple sessions - all without any code changes to your app!

Chart out sections to check for regressions
When you compare sessions, you have the option to view a table outline of the different recorded information, or view the sections as interactive charts complete with screenshots.

Save the day, without the bugs

Apps with better performance, perform better
Even slight performance issues can have a big impact on how well your app does. Fix these problems before your users find them and climb to the top of the app store.

Make your experience seamless
With more and more high-end devices released every year, consumers expect the software that goes with these incredible machines to keep up. A smooth, seamless experience goes a long way towards your user's enjoyment.