Transforming QA for Confident & Rapid Game Release

A step change in game performance management

Identifying and grouping mobile devices into performance tiers, based on realistic thresholds, is a long-standing challenge to game developers.

GameBench’s Studio SDK – our recently released embedded performance monitoring solution – has revolutionised the effectiveness and efficiency of game performance management.

Transforming QA for Confident & Rapid Game Release

What we covered

In this webinar, building on our earlier very popular session on Game Performance Automation, we explore how up-to-the-minute developments in both the SDK and our web dashboard now enable:


  • Rapid isolation of poorly performing devices, combining industry standard and customisable thresholds;
  • Tracking and improving game performance across tiers of devices (low / mid / high spec) for builds over time;
  • Immediate identification and understanding of performance bottlenecks;
  • Tracking the impact of optimisations on performance metrics.

Presented by


Andrew Fester

Product Manager