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Journalists and product reviewers around the world are already using GameBench to provide objective data and comparisons to their readers. If you'd like to do the same, we can help in two ways:

  1. We can provide GameBench Pro for free on a trial basis, so you can benefit from everything our tool has to offer and save all your sessions in the cloud;
  2. We can supply in-house data for new devices and for comparable products, to make it easy for you to provide both performance figures and broader context in your articles.

Please contact us to get started!

GameBench is thrilled to be shortlisted for 4 awards this year at the TIGA Games Industry awards 2017. We are nominated for best QA Provider, Best Services Provider, Technical Innovation and Engines, Middleware, Tools and Technology award! Read more here.  

Pocket Gamer has recently partnered with GameBench to help you learn if your phone is capable of running your favourite games. Read more here. There is also another article on Pocket Gamer's sister site where Sharif explains how the new widgets will work. Check it out here

GameBench unveils first platform-agnostic tool for analysing mobile app performance. UK-based mobile technology startup GameBench Ltd has unveiled a tool that will make life easier for millions of mobile game developers and testers, as well as for device makers.

UKIE provided GameBench with a £1500 grant towards attendance at this year's Games Developer Conference in San Francisco.

It's been nearly three years since I reviewed the Xperia Neo, manufactured by what was then Sony Ericsson. The Neo represented just the second generation of Xperia phones running on Android, from a period when Sony was finding its feet in the world of mobile and still chucking out plenty of duds (I'm looking at you, Tablet P).