Fair Usage Policy

At GameBench, we do our best to always provide the service that all our users expect.

To ensure that we are able to keep this commitment, we've implemented the following fair usage policy:

GameBench Pro

This Fair Usage Policy covers the security and use of all GameBench Ltd's systems and services. This policy applies to all GameBench Ltd's users (hereafter referred to as ‘individuals’).

This policy applies to all information, in whatever form, recorded or stored by GameBench Ltd in conjunction with the use of it's Premium tier of services.

Account Access Control – Individual’s Responsibility

Access to GameBench systems is controlled by the use of User IDs, passwords and/or tokens. All User IDs and passwords are to be uniquely assigned to named individuals and consequently, individuals are accountable for all actions on GameBench systems performed using their account information.

Individuals must not:

• Allow anyone else to use their user ID/token and password on any GameBench system or service.
• Use someone else’s user ID and password to access GameBench systems or services.
• Attempt to access data that they are not authorised to use or access.

Usage Limitations - Cloud Service Restrictions

GameBench strives to provide ample storage for all of it's customers, and regularly increases the total available space to accommodate the daily increase in users. However, limitations must be placed to prevent abuse which could impact other users. As such, Premium tier accounts for companies over 10 employees are given a total of 10 hours per user of recording time per month. For an Enterprise with 25 user licenses, this would effectively provide 250 hours of monthly recording. Companies with less than 10 employees are provided 5 hours of testing per user in exchange for a lower licensing fee.

Contact to purchase hours above this amount.