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The Gamebench Studio series represents the cutting edge in game performance management software. Studio PRO, released in 2017, immediately set the bar for QA solutions. Studio SDK, released in 2021, has redefined and streamlined performance management, with embedded, persistent, real-time analytics accessible from the earliest stages of game development.

The Unified Web Dashboard brings it all together, enabling the rapid intuitive visualisation, analysis and sharing of test results.

For in-depth, competitive analysis and intelligence, GameBench LABS offers bespoke benchmarking, testing and monitoring services.

Studio SDK

Performance monitoring and alerts at every stage of Android and iOS mobile development. Enables rapid, confident go/no-go release decisions.

Engine-agnostic package integrates into any native library.

Reduce performance management costs; release resources for crafting games.



  • Seamless performance monitoring in automation and manual testing.


  • Alert thresholds specific to both game and player.


  • Automatically capture all key performance metrics; sync and visualise data on the Web Dashboard.

At Scale

  • Multiple testing sessions for rich, actionable analytics.

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Unified Web Dashboard by GameBench

Store, visualise and compare test sessions from all GameBench tools. Quickly and precisely verify the performance of upcoming releases or new builds.

Introduce performance improvements with reduced failures. Understand and isolate poor performance across builds, via easy-to-set thresholds.

Expand QA from traditional manual operations, through automated monitoring and gameplay, to rich intelligence at scale.


Insight delivered

  • Massive increase in quality and quantity of data points, comprehensively showing release or product health.

Automation impacts

  • Persistent real-time monitoring with simultaneous, multi-device cloud-based testing.

Device tiering

  • Identify and group mobile devices into performance tiers, based on realistic thresholds.

Optimise acceptance criteria

  • Balance optimum gamer experience on higher-end devices, with maximum market penetration.

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For further details on Unified Web Dashboard benefits and features, get the Studio fact sheet.
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Studio Pro

Track and analyse performance of your own portfolio or run competitor analysis.

Easily and quickly measure the performance of any application, with zero code changes required.


For Android

  • A plug-and-play approach that allows anyone to test any Android device and game running version 4.1.2 and up.
  • Pro includes an Android application for wireless testing / focused Android profiling.

For iOS

  • Use the Desktop App on Windows, Linux, or OS X to get performance metrics from iOS 8 and up.


  • Tests development and production builds on any app without code changes, allowing for in-depth competitor analysis.

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For further details on PRO benefits and features, get the Studio fact sheet.
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GameBench LABS

An end-to-end range of services to evaluate, analyse, and deliver insights about device, application, network and platform performance. The deep performance data produced is delivered in meticulously designed, intuitive and actionable reports.

Our visualisation layer, based on Gamebench’s proprietary Visual Badge System, provides instantly applicable performance and benchmarking insights for engineering, QA and marketing.


Reflects the real-world gamer experience across the whole gaming ecosystem:

  • Testing across game, platform, network, and devices
  • Real gamers playing real games
  • No synthetic workloads or proxy metrics

Accurate, Objective, Impartial, Uncheatable, Actionable:

  • Devices tested out of the box
  • Commercially independent
  • Full-service performance testing and reporting team
  • Standardised performance reporting using simplified ratings
  • Optimisation advice, marketing resources, competitor comparisons, and customer feedback analysis

Useful Benchmarking expertise in all key verticals:

  • Native and cloud gaming
  • Smartphone
  • Streaming media
  • Video conferencing
  • Usability testing on mobile networks including 5G

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For further details on LABS benefits, features and methodologies, get the LABS fact sheet.
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