Game Performance Monitoring

You can't test everything all the time. You've got new content, new levels and new liveops rolling out constantly. But what if you could have performance quality monitored during all feature and content testing?

Well now you can. GPM by GameBench delivers full-cycle gaming-focused performance monitoring and alerting.

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No More Tradeoffs

Why choose between spending time testing performance or going deep on a new feature? Whether in automated or manual testing, the GameBench SDK never stops hunting down performance problems.

Focus on Features

GPM constantly monitors framerate, memory, battery drain, and more, alerting you only when there is a definitive performance bug.

Shift Performance Left

Finding performance issues late in the cycle means costly firefighting, last-minute hotfixes, and delayed releases. GPM’s continuous monitoring and immediate alerts enable early, easy fixes.

Metrics that Matter

A great game experience depends on fluid animations, load time and stability. GPM gives you all the data you need to optimise CPU, GPU, network traffic, battery and memory loads.

Anticipate the Experience

To succeed right across the global market, you need the confidence that your game will run well on the widest possible range of hardware. The Gamebench SDK supports all major devices, so you can rest easy when you go live.

Built for Gaming

Of the many available APM solutions, none reflect the unique essentials of the player’s experience. The Gamebench SDK is a Unity package that’s built around performant native libraries, with support for more gaming platforms coming soon.

Our Approach

We provide a complete cycle of analytics and recommendations, from objective evaluation, through manual and automated monitoring and active alerting, through to rich insights.

Performance issues directly impact your users, your infrastructure and most of all, your bottom line. Get an independent and objective performance health assessment, benchmarked against your competition. Our comprehensive report delivers baseline performance KPIs, flagging and prioritizing all performance chokepoints.
Fixing performance glitches in liveops can cost 100x more than catching them early in the dev cycle. Find them and fix them long before they can reach your users. Our suite of manual and automation tools tailors to your use case, so you can monitor performance in dev, QA, and/or live environments.
Why risk waiting for users to post complaints before addressing critical performance issues? With >95% accuracy, GameBench actively tracks and alerts your dev team on all key events such as animation (frame rate issues), memory consumption, CPU throttling, jitter (network performance), and battery consumption.
Our 6 years of relentless R&D, right across the gaming ecosystem, has fostered a deep understanding of the dynamics of performance management, with a particular real world emphasis on “the view from the user”. We draw on this unique resource to enrich and enhance your performance analytics with powerful, proprietary implications and recommendations.

GPM at a Glance

GPM covers all your performance monitoring needs. From the always-on SDK to competitive analysis and spot-checking live builds with GameBench Android, Desktop, and CLI apps.

Highly customizable alerts drive action when it’s most valuable, and insights give you the information you need to stay on top of the game.

GameBench Unity
  • Lightweight, performant, and easy to integrate
  • Captures FPS, CPU, GPU*, battery use*, network utilization, and memory use
  • Automatic Unity Scene detection to segment data
  • Custom markers and data upload behavior through C# API
GPM Monitoring
& Alerting
  • Hassle-free SDK and default alert thresholds out of the box
  • Set custom instrumentation and alert thresholds per game
  • Organize all package names and bundle ids for your game under a single project
  • Set permissions per project
  • Enterprise SSO w/ SAML
  • View performance details in sessions or over time to see trends
GameBench Apps
  • Gather performance data from any game on the stores for competitive analysis
  • GameBench CLI provides a solution for headless automation use cases
  • GameBench Desktop and Android App deliver immediate performance feedback – great for spot checking a go-live test or a competitor’s title
  • GameBench Unity
  • Lightweight, performant, and easy to integrate
  • Captures FPS, CPU, GPU*, battery use*, network utilization, and memory use
  • Automatic Unity Scene detection to segment data
  • Custom markers and data upload behavior through C# API

What our customers
are saying

David Johnson


David Johnson

Regulatory Compliance Engineer

“We used GameBench LABS to test the performance of Nubia RedMagic 3 5G device before launch. We found their FPS stability benchmark to be very good and helped us show the capability of our devices to the gaming community. We are very glad to receive 3 Ultra badges for gaming. GameBench’s service was excellent – they sent a staff member to pick up a device!”

Scott Flynn


Scott Flynn

VP of Platforms

“By enabling developers to monitor the performance of their title across a wide range of devices, creators are empowered to quickly and efficiently address quality and performance issues that would otherwise reduce the user experience. We welcome GameBench into our VSP program with the focus to help the developer community excel in creating great content.”

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