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GameBench Android App

The GameBench Android app is part of a suite of tools that make it quick and easy to measure the performance and power efficiency of mobile apps and devices.

Key Stats

Over 7,000 active users rely on the GameBench Android app every month -- including hardware engineers, app and game developers, product reviewers and enthusiasts. They've used it to test around 6,000 different apps on 3,000 distinct Android device models.


The GameBench Android app in four simple steps:

We've made the GameBench Android app as easy to use as possible, requiring only a few steps, and no code-changes to start testing your apps, games, and devices.

Step 1

Perform one-time connection to PC

Step 2

Launch the app you want to test

Step 3

Automatically record key UX metrics with less than 5% overhead

Step 4

Visualise metrics on device or sync to web dashboard for full analysis


How the Android app fits into the GameBench test suite:

The Android app has two key advantages over the other tools in our suite, both of which increase the convenience of testing:


  1. The app lets you collect vital metrics without needing to keep your mobile device(s) tethered to a PC
  2. The app lets you conduct manual testing of multiple devices at the same time.



A third advantage is that the Android app lets you gather full power metrics (volts, amps, watts) on compatible Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets. However, this functionality will soon be enabled on the GameBench desktop application too.


GameBench tools suite

Product Breakdown

Features Android app Desktop app Automation interface    Web dashboard
Android profiling Yes Yes Yes    
iOS Profiling No Yes Yes    
Wireless Yes Coming soon No    
Data visualisation Yes Yes No   Yes
Add session markers Yes No Yes   Yes
Display Screenshots Yes Yes No   Yes
Compare sessions No No No   Yes
Reporting No No No   Yes
Recorded Metrics          
 → Frames per second Yes Yes Yes    
 → Battery drain Yes No No    
 → Battery temperature Yes No No    
 → Instantaneous power Yes Coming soon No    
 → CPU usage/load Yes Yes Yes    
 → GPU usage/load Yes Yes Yes    
 → Memory usage Yes Yes Yes    
 → Network usage Yes Yes Yes    
 → Network API calls No Coming soon Coming soon