GameBench Pro

Between our Android app, cross-platform Desktop app, and a CLI option for automation - performance testing has never been more accessible.

viva la Performance!


For Android...

With a plug-and-play approach that allows anyone to test any Android device and game running version 4.1.2 and up.

...and iOS.

Now your QA team can use our Desktop App on Windows, Linux, or OS X to get performance metrics from iOS 8 and up.


With a seamless integration into their existing workflow, our tools let your QA team access the performance data you need to make decisions and fix issues.

...or Automated

Our Automation Interface seamlessly connects to your existing automation framework and CI in order to collect performance data for each test run.

Game Fluidity

Frames per second (FPS) is the defacto way to measure performance in gaming. GameBench provides access to FPS without instrumenting your game's code.

System Bottlenecks

When you use GameBench, it allows you to see how your game stresses the device's battery, CPU, and GPU, and how much memory and network data your game is consuming.

Automated testing

Our CLI based Automation Interface allows you to start and stop GameBench recording via your existing automation framework, and send the results to your CI in JSON.


Our comparison feature lets you compare up to 8 session at a time. Compare across builds to get a comprehensive idea of how well your optimisation efforts have worked!

Load Times

Programmatic marked regions let you segment your GameBench recordings by adding a simple log line to the game code. Use it to measure load times and specific gameplay regions!

Session Sharing

Outsourced QA or development? Need to let your producer know how things are going? Use session sharing to send a link to a specific session in detail with anybody in the team!


GameBench takes screenshots once per second to allow you to correlate on-screen events with performance drops and other issues.

Bug Tracking

Use GameBench's JIRA integration to connect to your bug tracking system and file & monitor tickets right from the GameBench dashboard.


With an open API, you can setup live health dashboards and other automated reporting systems tailored to your individual needs.

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