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GameBench Desktop App

The smart way to test mobile UX.

Test any iOS or Android product from any PC, simply by plugging in.

Key Stats

Over 7,000 active users rely on GameBench tools every month -- including hardware engineers, app and game developers, product reviewers and enthusiasts. They've used it to test around 6,000 different apps on 3,000 distinct Android and iOS device models.


The GameBench Desktop App in three simple steps:

Connect your device

Connect your device and launch the GameBench Desktop App to begin.

Test your app or game's performance easily

Record multiple tests, and upload them to the cloud dashboard for comparison.

Learn from actionable reports

Analyze detailed reports with results, screenshots, and performance metrics.

How the Desktop App fits into the GameBench test suite:

Unlike the GameBench Android App, the Desktop App allows users to test both iOS and Android devices, making it the first truly cross-platform testing tool for mobile devices. Developers no longer need a Mac computer to connect to and profile iOS devices.

Thanks to the fact that the device under test is connected to your Windows, Linux, or Mac PC, the GameBench Desktop App allows you to view the recorded data in real time, which makes it easier to spot issues in the performance as you test.

Note:  An advantage of the GameBench Android app is that it lets you gather full power metrics (volts, amps, watts) on compatible Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets. However, this functionality will soon be enabled on the GameBench desktop application as well.


GameBench tools suite

Product Breakdown

Features Android app Desktop app Automation interface    Web dashboard
Android profiling Yes Yes Yes    
iOS Profiling No Yes Yes    
Wireless Yes Coming soon No    
Data visualisation Yes Yes No   Yes
Add session markers Yes No Yes   Yes
Display Screenshots Yes Yes No   Yes
Compare sessions No No No   Yes
Reporting No No No   Yes
Recorded Metrics          
 → Frames per second Yes Yes Yes    
 → Battery drain Yes No No    
 → Battery temperature Yes No No    
 → Instantaneous power Yes Coming soon No    
 → CPU usage/load Yes Yes Yes    
 → GPU usage/load Yes Yes Yes    
 → Memory usage Yes Yes Yes    
 → Network usage Yes Yes Yes    
 → Network API calls No Coming soon Coming soon    


How It Works

Using GameBench couldn't be simpler. Trust us, we've tried!

Test using any modern iOS or Android device without making any changes to your application.


Create a GameBench account. All you need is a name and email address!


Once you're signed in, head to your Downloads page and grab an installer.


Setup GameBench X on your desktop PC, or install our Android app to begin.


Easily capture performance data and view it in our dashboard.