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The Gamebench LABS team operates an ongoing program of pioneering research, guided by our core technology and data expertise, alongside our collective experience both in and around gaming. Our approach is scientifically driven, unbiased and transparent. After 5 years of work, the outcome is a penetrating and robust methodology, continuously tested and refined in our work with market leading partners across the entire gaming ecosystem.

We offer an end-to-end range of services to evaluate, analyse, monitor and deliver insights about device, application, network and platform performance. The deep performance data produced is delivered in meticulously designed, intuitive and actionable reports. Our visualization layer, based on Gamebench’s proprietary Visual Badge System, provides instantly applicable performance and benchmarking insights for engineering, QA and marketing.

Karthik Hariharakrishnan

Technology Director / Founder

“My R&D team brings together deep expertise in telecoms networking, video/media analysis, IC design, mobile OS development, UE and QA, and game testing. It’s taking on and solving the very toughest GPM challenges that really motivates us, and helps us keep our clients at the leading edge of great user experience.”

Jake Daynes

Technical Manager, R&D

“I really do have the best job in the world: Every day I get to work on new and exciting challenges with the latest tech, on some of my favourite games! For me, it’s all about evolving our cutting edge R&D into products like our Performance Discovery Reports, alongside an amazing team.”


Performance Benchmarking

Gamebench’s performance benchmarking provides a bespoke report for your game, device, or service. It also provides an objective comparison against your competition, across mobile, PC, and console.

Our performance experts consult with you to agree a set of test scenarios across games, devices, network configurations and geographic locations. We use proprietary tools to collect all the critical performance metrics, including visual fluidity, input latency, responsiveness, power consumption, thermals, and resource usage.

The final report delivers GameBench’s objective and independent performance ratings, along with an in-depth, actionable analysis of key issues discovered. Our unique performance badges enable rapid and intuitive understanding and review of the results across all your stakeholders.

User Review Analysis

Studios and publishers need to understand and prioritize the performance issues that impact acquisition and retention. Our NLP-based custom tools break down the top performance issues reported by real users both in the Google and Apple stores. What’s more, we can track changes in user reviews across builds, in order to highlight performance regressions.

Performance Tiering of Devices as a Service

To help developers ensure a seamless experience, whether on a top-end or a low-end mobile device, GameBench provides a table based on their performance tiers. It can be used for performance optimization during development, or at run-time to help adapt game performance based on a real user’s device tier.

Gaming micro-benchmarking

Studios, platforms and OEMs must ensure that the final performance of the product is as close as possible to the planned targets. Our in-house microbenchmarks are installed on devices early in the development cycle, producing repeatable and consistent workloads and mimicking the resource consumption of real games.

Bespoke Performance Testing and Analysis

Our technical and data science teams offer cutting edge expertise on methods for collecting, analysing, and interpreting any bespoke performance data on mobile or PC.

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