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Before we get started


GameBench Labs is a full-service performance testing and reporting team that works with top tier clients to provide customised resources for their projects.

Trained over years of working with OEMs and studios on performance analysis, our team have all the skills you need in one place.


Game Performance Benchmarking

Our custom reports are tailored to each client, with a deep focus on what's important to you.

Let us do the legwork and provide your engineering team with the insight that they need to fix performance issues affecting your users.

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Device Performance Benchmarking

Used by OEMs ranging from Huawei to realme, we offer a unique device verification service which includes our popular GameBench Badges.

This service provides a launch team with the marketing ammunition they need to show potential customer that their device is king.

Get in touch now to see how we can help!

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Device Verification

GameBench Labs