GameBench SDK

Stop guessing. Get live data on how well your game runs straight from your user's devices.

Our upcoming SDK lets you set performance thresholds in-game so you can optimise on the fly.


No matter the Engine...

We expose our SDK as a native library that supports any Game Engine using a wrapper file.

If you've built your own engine, or maybe you just use an obscure one - simply use our template to get started.

...or OS.

Because the GameBench SDK runs inside your game, it doesn't matter if your user is on iOS or Android.

All you have to do is drag and drop the SDK into your IDE to add it for both platforms with no configuration required!

Game Fluidity

See how smoothly your game runs in real-time by collecting performance data straight from your users's devices.

Load Times

Measure load times by calling methods exposed in the SDK at the start and end of your loading sequences.


Set performance thresholds for each section of your game and automatically tune graphics settings whenever a threshold is breached.

Frame Times

Use frame times to understand the severity of your performance issues and the impact to your users.

Crash Reports

Get live crash reports using the GameBench SDK for a full Live Ops experience using a single SDK.

Resource Usage

Find out how much RAM, CPU, GPU, and Network usage your game is using live from every user.