Jira Integration

We've enabled Jira integration to file and track performance issues - straight from the GameBench dashboard. Just connect your Jira account to get started.

Android Frame-Times

Frame-times can now be recorded from Android devices using the Android and Desktop App. To enable logging of Frame-times in the Android app, please go to settings and enable "Janks/Frame times".

To use frame times, ensure that you are using version 6.4 of the Android app and Build 8409 of the Desktop App.

Note: Frame-times are not visualised in the Dashboard. You can access them via the GameBench API.

GameBench LS For Low-Spec Devices (Beta)

The new LS (Low Spec) mode has been created so that GameBench can capture FPS metrics with minimal overhead and without crashes no low spec devices. (CPU, GPU, Memory, Power, Screenshots will be disabled to reduce overhead on such devices).

Please find some more details about this new mode below:

  • New LS Mode setting in the GameBench Android App (settings menu)
  • Collects only FPS for now (No screenshots or any other metrics for now)
  • GameBench UI (stop button and FPS value) is relaunched again if Android kills GameBench
  • Recording continues in the background even when GameBench is killed (no FPS data is lost)
Programmatically Capturing Load Times & Gameplay Regions

Capturing specific sections of your GameBench sessions just got easier with programmatic markers. Add log lines to your code to start & stop segments, enabling you to record Load Times, gameplay regions (such as Levels 1, 2, and 3), and menu areas.

IOS Battery Drain & Network Usage

We know that battery life is important to your users, which is why we've added support for iOS battery level recording to the desktop app. We've also adjusted the recorded network usage to be app-specific. Previously we recorded system-wide network for iOS devices

Session Sharing

Now it doesn't matter if your development team has a GameBench account. Use our new session sharing to give anyone access to individual GameBench sessions.

Marker Aggregation

We've added a new Marker Summary to the web dashboard, which shows you the details for the sections of your session that you've segmented with our Markers feature.

Desktop Markers

Markers can now be placed from the Desktop-App. If you would like to segregate sections of a game while recording, this can be achieved by placing markers from the Desktop App. For the Android app, this can be enabled from the settings.