Announcing GameBench SDK for Unity and Game Performance Monitoring (GPM)

Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson

Today we’re excited to officially announce the launch of Game Performance Monitoring (GPM) by GameBench!

This launch is our first step toward realizing our vision of bringing the radical observability offered by application monitoring (APM) solutions for app developers to game developers. At the core of GPM is the GameBench SDK for Unity, a Unity Verified Solution.

GameBench SDK for Unity - Unity Verified Solution

While we still provide the metrics analysis that users of GameBench have come to expect, we have expanded the capabilities to include an alerting system.

Say, “So long, and thanks for all the fish!” to the hard call to drop performance testing when time is tight.

By combining the SDK and Alerting, you will receive performance feedback as soon as a build runs. No longer will development teams need to make time to set up software, networking, and hardware for performance testing. With the SDK integrated directly into your game, all dev and QA activities running a build will capture performance data and alert you to issues.

The launch of GPM and the Unity partnership resulted from the developers’ hard work at GameBench, and the invaluable feedback gathered from early-access participants within the GameBench community.

Shift Performance LeftAre you ready to shift-left your performance testing?

Whether you’re leading the field in performance or finding your way to the top, testing performance early and often will give you more time to react, accelerate your time to market, and provide peace of mind on release day. Reach out to us today to see how Game Performance Monitoring can help.

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