Game Performance Automation

A bona fide industry game-changer

Automation – in any industry – is often fraught with controversy. But in the case of game performance analysis, the upsides for QA of this long-anticipated capability are both clear and significant.

Our session will combine insight from GameBench – in particular our flagship performance monitoring SDK – with Sauce Labs’ leading cloud-based testing platform, and GameDriver’s unique Automated Playtesting platform.

Game Performance Automation

Understand all the key automation benefits, including:


  • Incorporating performance testing seamlessly into QA, supporting Continuous Integration;
  • Automating key parts of gameplay: QA Teams focus on functional nuances of gamer experience;
  • Leveraging automation in a device cloud on multiple devices;
  • Enabling testing capability out of business hours.

Discussion Led By


Andrew Fester

Product Manager


Shane Evans

Chief Product Officer

Sauce Labs

Vincent Lussenburg

Technical Product Manager