Network Performance

and Gamer Experience 🇺🇸 US Edition

While cloud gaming’s immense potential is still unfolding, hugely popular online multiplayer games are already pushing ISPs and mobile operators to the edges of their current capabilities. Networks have moved to the heart of gamer experience.

In the second of this short series of Performance IQ webinars, GameBench co-founder and CTO Karthik Haraharikrishnan will take you through all the fundamentals you need to meet these emerging, critical engineering and marketing challenges. Michael Efthymiou, our US Senior Technical Consultant, will be adding his extensive experience and expertise to the discussion.

For this US-focused session, we’re going coast-to-coast, comparing the performances of leading ISPs Optimum and Cox, testing Destiny 2 on the Stadia and GeForce Now cloud gaming platforms.

BONUS: Every attendee to receive our exclusive, up-to-the-minute regional analyses of network game performance in key US, EU, and Asian markets.

Network Performance

During this session, you'll understand:

  • The metrics that matter for great gaming experience, covering online multiplayer and  cloud streamed games;
  • Techniques and tools for measuring all the key performance metrics;
  • The complete picture of ISPs' contributions to gamer experience;
  • How leading network providers compare in key markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

About GameBench

GameBench brings 10 years of pioneering experience in game performance measurement across the entire ecosystem, along with key learnings from our work advising many of the world’s leading network providers. Mission-critical for global competitors in every industry vertical, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to get to grips with the drivers of success in today’s and tomorrow’s gaming market.